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Vegan and Cruelty free in Southampton

The Story So Far


Our business began it’s journey almost 10 years ago, when 2 young and free ladies in their 20s decided to take the leap and set up on their own having worked together in salons for 4 years previously. ‘Envy Hair Studio' was born and so much has been shared within it’s walls over  the years, and we have built up the most loyal, wonderful client base and feel very lucky. Our lives have changed dramatically since then in so many ways - we are now in our 30s (although we prefer to think of ourselves as wiser rather than older!) and between us we have become mothers to 4 wonderful children. 

Over the years Becki has also had a huge health and lifestyle overhaul:

'I went from one extreme to another after having my first baby and became extremely conscious of what I was putting in and on my body, this got me thinking about the products I had been and was using on a daily basis and after a twist of fate I got introduced to organic colour systems. Some would say it was heaven sent' ~ Becki

After being introduced to Organic Colour Systems, Becki was keen to jump straight in, but with George due to have her second baby soon she was less inclined to start out on a new venture so Becki decided to try it out alone and fell straight in love with the products. Her new clients also inspired her to experiment more and more with a plant based diet and Becki is now living a fully plant based life along with her children. Things became so busy that she took on a helping hand,  Vicky, and she has become a wonderful asset to the salon. 

Shortly after having her second son,  George was diagnosed with breast cancer and after a long, 9 month battle, she kicked it’s butt like the hero she is, with Becki at her side every step of the way. Throughout her journey she also became more conscious of chemicals, toxins and her diet and decided to make the switch over to Organic Colour Systems upon her return.

It only seemed fitting after so much change and growth that the salon must catch up with our new way of life and philosophies. This takes us up to the launch of 'The Organic Hair Lounge' where we have rebranded the salon and are proud to be the only salon in Southampton offering a vegan and cruelty free service throughout our whole salon with products that contain organic certified ingredients!

We are extremely passionate about what we do and what we offer and this reflects in our work and relationships with our clients. 

We do hope to see you in our salon soon for a hair salon experience like no other!